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Welcome to RockHammer. We are very proud of the fit, look, and performance of these shirts and shorts. They are specifically designed to perform in the warm humidity of North Carolina - and wherever you call home.

Finding Your Perfect Fit


Our polo is a trim, athletic fit with a little more room in the shoulders and a little less in the midsection.

To find your perfect size, check the distance between the points of the shoulders and the distance around your midsection at your belly button. The shoulder seams should hit you directly on the point of the shoulder, and you should be able to pinch about an inch of fabric on each side of your midsection.

Here are those measurements for each shirt size

Shoulder: S 17.5", M 18", L 18.5", XL 19"

Midsection: S 40", M 42", L 44", XL 46" (This is the fabric length, take your measurement and add 4" to find an estimated fit. If you measure between 39" and 40" around your middle, lean toward the L.)


These shorts run a bit smaller than other brands. We added sizes 33 and 35 to provide you with the perfect fit.

If your favorite shorts are a size 34 and they are at all snug, please try the 35 first.

RockHammer in Action

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